A picture is worth more than 1000 words!

How much is a picture worth to you? If it's a close-up shot of a thief, or of the right license plate, it could be worth a lot. If you are suffering from break-ins to your business, or to your outdoor compound, Redeye LIVE Surveillance is the answer.

Redeye offers a powerful solution to these problems by conducting LIVE surveillance on your business after hours, or all day, everyday. Redeye resolves break-ins, thefts, vandalism and shoplifting.

Redeye combines high sensitivity cameras, 360 degree rotation, 23x optical zoom and LIVE MONITORING to deliver a system that dramatically prevents loss and damage to materials.

"We literally catch thieves in their tracks.”

There are no cameras for the client to buy or install. We provide all maintenance, monitoring and upgrades ensuring a competitively-priced, simple to use security system that deters theft and vandalism before it happens.

We not only capture images in real time, we capture criminals in the act.