Realtime Security

People are misled by thinking that simply installing cameras and recording activity will be enough to deter break-ins and theft. Vandals and thieves know that most cameras are not monitored, in fact, most footage is never even reviewed because of the time that would take. Thieves also know that they can easily disguise themselves from most cameras by wearing a hat or hooded jacket. If the footage is viewed after the crime, they can only be identified on the off chance that someone watching happens to know them. Redeye provides continuous LIVE monitoring and response to activities in progress for real time security.

Security & Surveillance Expertise

The Redeye team, led by retired police officers, uses its decades of experience in police work and investigations to design and install a unique RealTime security and video surveillance system best able to protect your business site or compound. With every crime prevented or solved, our reputation for results continues to grow. We discourage intruders and perpetrators who are always on the look-out for poorly-protected property.

Video Monitoring Centre

Redeye provides advanced video monitoring. Our 24-hour remote video monitoring station, based in its secure facility, is the nerve center of this unique IP enabled service. On receipt of a security alert, the live camera image is observed by a highly trained operator who assesses the situation, acts on the client's instructions contained in the associated database and contacts the Police. The operator is able to take control of the PTZ camera to follow the perpetrator or zoom in on vehicles, faces and other pertinent evidence. Our lowlight Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras allow the operator to get as much information as possible, so should the thieves escape, they will have enough information to apprehend them. Our Audio Module allows operators to hear what is happening at the site and to speak directly to the thieves if appropriate. Following the alert the images are retained in a secure manner for future reference. Redeye automatically notifies clients of serious incidents.

Economic Surveillance Solutions

Redeye LIVE monitoring represents a high value service at a very competitive price. Costs are typically less than half that of on-site security guards. Redeye will continuously monitor your business, will patrol your site repeatedly each night, will respond to any suspicious or criminal activity, AND will include high-end Sony security cameras...all for only $3 per hour per camera. This is a deal that TRULY cannot be beaten!

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