Superior Equipment

Redeye, uses the most innovative, Sony manufactured security cameras on the market. Our cameras are all high-resolution, day/night cameras that are all-weather capable and vandal resistant. The cameras record imagery in full-colour when there is enough light to do so, and switch to black & in lower light conditions. These security cameras can be optioned with sound modules that allow Redeye to listen as another method to detect break-ins or to provide advice, direction and updates. Your Redeye Surveillance system can also be customized with control modules that allow operators to open and close gates remotely and simplify managing the work site.

Client Capture

Owners and project managers can use their web browser to monitor the project site, much like a webcam, without ever leaving the office. The cameras record all activity throughout the day at the site, making Redeye another way to stay on top of the project and its progress. Investors appreciate the opportunity to watch the project take shape.

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